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As much as the entry title sounds like something terrible as happened. It hasnt. In fact my situation has gotten much better. My social anxiety for the first time ever feels under control.

I was able to reconnect with an old friend from like 2 years ago, and we've been hanging out and smoking hookah and playing some League. I've been chilling out with Phil and his roommate Mike, who i didnt know existed until about 2 weeks ago, and surprisingly I didnt have a nervous breakdown. A good friend of mine from RO set me up to chat with a close friend of his who lives close by, and he seems mad chill and easy to get a long with. Again I didnt have a nervous breakdown or shutdown. A guildmate of mine, who i knew always had a crush on me, full out fell for me basically and we've been chattin, however we both know it would never work.

Speaking of RO, the last 2 Saturday WoE's were awesome. Action packed and full of trololololing :3 Gotta love Animosity's Rattlesquad!

But amazingly its been a turn around. Though i dont expect this to last very long sadly.However it is confirmed that I will be attending Otakon this year:3 with a slight possibility of AnimeExpo <3 As much as I dont want to graduate, I cant wait til the summer starts.

Finally got around to finishing DRRR! after putting it off for so fucking long. And finally finished 13-2. I must say I was not disappointed in the game at all, granted I knew from reading on the net what was bad about it/flawed with it, but even with the crappy ending it surpassed 13 as a whole.
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Finally caught up on my anime, a little pissed high school dxd and hunterxhunter didnt release anything this week =[

Persona 4: Full of lulz, kind of a filler again since its obtaining more social links, but theres only what, 5 epsiodes left D: im a little worried as to how they are gonna end it in a short amount of time. This makes me want to play the game all over again...

Mirai Nikki: Holy balls, just... holy balls... shit hit the fan. i want the next episode like nao Q_Q I would read the manga, but i dont want to ruin it for myself.

Anyway, Mass Effect 3, looks fucking awesome, the trailer and the demo gameplay make me want the game even more. However, im trying to save up for tales of graces f before anything. Tales > ME3 :3!

Also, is it wrong to be completely fucked up by 10 am on your day off? and at 11:44 i want sonic take out so fucking bad. Too bad there isnt one close by, it makes me a sad pandaaaaaaaa Q_Q


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