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So this spring break was one to be remembered :3.

Leaving off from tuesday was it? I fucking forgot. Regardless the rest of my week was filled with work, booze, joints, and good company. I really needed that week tbh, my depression was slowly going down a path i never want to cross again [2009 part 2 x.x] but this week dragged me out of that downward path... thank god.

So i basically have two months left until i graduate with my BA... time fucking flew out the window, holy fuck x.x I am about to get started on writing out graduate school applications to three schools: Rowan, Rutgers and Monmouth Universities. Thankfully FAFSA is giving me a pretty big loan, but i honestly dont know where i want to go to school this time around, do i want to live on campus again to avoid my overprotective and nosy mother? to stay close to home to actually have time to hang out with my friends again and reconnect? (I'm leaning towards the get the hell out of my house option, or even the state, i like traveling :3!) But alas, it is the end of this chapter in my life.

Now on to other things...
Hunger Games is amazing, i recommend it to everyone, especially the book series <3
Mirai Nikki and Persona 4 are fast approaching their end Q_Q
Currently watching Durarara! cause i can never seem to catch it on adult swim anymore -.-

Now excuse me as i roll another blunt and watch the wind take the newly grown leaves off their branches.
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So my night last night was very eventful, and caught me entirely off guard.

Best night ever )
Then this morning I woke up with my usual stomach issues. Extreme pain and nausea. Couldnt keep food down for a few hours not to mention the lack of sleep again. But again, Rick being the sweetheart he is, went around the corner and bought me crackers and a waterbottle. and 'lo and behold 4 hours later and all is good. I really felt bad, and i know he felt bad too cause we wanted to go to the mall today but at 11am my stomach was still in the shitter and i didnt want to risk myself gettign sick in public or my condition turning worse. Also found out im not the only one with stomach issues thankfully hahaha. I think hes getting me some cheesecake though <3.

I swear to god if hes leading me on and I get hurt in the end. Im through with guys. I'll stay single forever.

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Wake up still baked
Played and finished FF13 last night
Got my ass kicked in Aerobics and Pilates
Getting drunk before 5 pm.

Its gonna be a supa kawaii day <3!

[6:20 pm]

This isnt gonna be a supa kawaii day Q_Q
Dani ran out of the Mary Jane
Dani drank all her wine
Dani wants to cuddle ;___;
Dani is having repressed memories come rushing back

That is why I dont drink as much as i used to.
That is also why I quit smoking cigs, besides it being unattractive.