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So yea, nothing really new. Just getting ready to finish up here and idk go home?

MY 4/20 was quite uneventful, played babysitter for a few friends who never smoked/done shrooms before. it was quite lulz. I was the designated driver and made sure no one got themselves killed during thier trips. Needless to say i still indulged in a few joints. A little bummed i couldnt have any shrooms though.

A good friend of mine on RO introduced me to a friend of his a while back. Like, a month or so ago? Anyway needless to say we started slowly chatting with eachother and moved up to phone calls. 4/20 i actually visited/hungout with him. I was in the area anyway ( i had to go home this 4/20 he literally lives 15 minutes north of me). so granted i was awkward at first but i actually had fun. We have similar tastes in games and music, hes fit, tall, spanish, from the UK, has the adorable british accent.

back the fuck up, did i just hit the jackpot? British accent, tall, athletic, the sweetest person ever? I think I just did <3

He actually told me that he likes me today, however i want to wait a little longer before i make any sort of decision on that caliber. Based on how it goes when im actually home for the summer is gonna be the defining factor. There is a huge difference for when im here at school, living an independent life away from my overbearing mother, and when im at home with my mom up my ass every 30 or so minutes and shes very nosey too, which i really dislike...

I love how things start drastically turning around towards summer. However, I'm not holding my breath
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Lets see in the last 12 hours...

I havent slept in about 24-36 hours.
I smoked a bag to myself
Drank two bottles of awesome mountain dew
Stuffed my face with oreo cookies like a fatty
Watched anime and my friend's WoE video from Saturday
Got asked out on a date.

Wait back the fuck up!? I got asked out on a date?! Heh heh damn right I did! <3
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As much as the entry title sounds like something terrible as happened. It hasnt. In fact my situation has gotten much better. My social anxiety for the first time ever feels under control.

I was able to reconnect with an old friend from like 2 years ago, and we've been hanging out and smoking hookah and playing some League. I've been chilling out with Phil and his roommate Mike, who i didnt know existed until about 2 weeks ago, and surprisingly I didnt have a nervous breakdown. A good friend of mine from RO set me up to chat with a close friend of his who lives close by, and he seems mad chill and easy to get a long with. Again I didnt have a nervous breakdown or shutdown. A guildmate of mine, who i knew always had a crush on me, full out fell for me basically and we've been chattin, however we both know it would never work.

Speaking of RO, the last 2 Saturday WoE's were awesome. Action packed and full of trololololing :3 Gotta love Animosity's Rattlesquad!

But amazingly its been a turn around. Though i dont expect this to last very long sadly.However it is confirmed that I will be attending Otakon this year:3 with a slight possibility of AnimeExpo <3 As much as I dont want to graduate, I cant wait til the summer starts.

Finally got around to finishing DRRR! after putting it off for so fucking long. And finally finished 13-2. I must say I was not disappointed in the game at all, granted I knew from reading on the net what was bad about it/flawed with it, but even with the crappy ending it surpassed 13 as a whole.
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My spring break so far. is amazing. considering only like 10 days ago i was in another depressive slump/episode. The really nice weather and the fact that work is keeping my mind off of a lot of stuff helped me out tremendously.

My friday was blah as when i got home i went directly to work, which wasnt that bad. it actually brought a smile to my face cause i got to catch up with friends finally :3! lots of stuff apparently happened in the last month. i wont go into detail to spare you all because well, its all inside jokes and shit.

Anyway my st. pattys day was entertaining. Of course i got the shit end of the stick and had to go to work, however afterwards i shared a few beers with a friend and made a good time out of it. <3! Then Sunday Phil invited me over to his shore house in Avon and i had a freaken blast. Hookah, beer and peppermint schnapps. never. again. lol. Still i needed to see and chill on the beach badly. im a jersey shore girl for fucks sake, i live on the beach <3! and today was also entertaining, martinis and houlihans and doing some catchin up with a good friend of mind about his trip to ireland. i was so jelly =[ i want to go there so fuckin bad.

Tomorrow should be entertaining as well, going to phily again to walk around and chill out. the rest of the my week i have no idea. the only bummer is i cant see hunger games since im working the midnight showing and possibly the entire fucking weekend. /sigh guess ill watch it when i get back to school or before work on day next weekend, nbd.

now im just letting the three martinis, and this beer sink in, before i go to sleep and wake up feeling like uber crap and going on a car trip. i kind of regret not bringing my ps3 home. i guess i can finally beat tales of vesperia on the xbox 360. i really wish the ps3 version came to the states. i also really really realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want tales of graces. next paycheck!!!!!!! <3 oh and i watched my friend play some mass effect 3. and its amazing, too bad the ending really kills it D:

i also has a lulz worthy story. maybe the next time i post ill explain it, it doesnt require any understanding of an inside joke.
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Well my weekend was very eventful. Had my friend Steve and his friend Matt visit me for the weekend for the ultimate shit show. We drank and smoked and play ragnarok online all day or searched funny silly shit on google as well as troll the internet baddies that think they are the shit.

We went through, a bottle of jack, a bottle of tequilla, a bottle of bacardi rum, half a bottle of everclear, a giant bottle of wine and a bag of vodka gummy bears. Yea, we were all sorts of fucked up at one point or another. Also learned my mom is the biggest troll i know.

Anyway, somehow some way i was able to roll out of bed this morning and go to my spanish class. got a B on my exam from two weeks ago which makes me very overjoyed. Now all i got to do is wait for my dealer to tell me when to pick up.

Also the new Hunter x Hunter episode, cant wait for the next one :3 Just waiting on god damn mirai nikki x.x!!!! I will be stalking websites until the subbed version is released D:!
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So my night last night was very eventful, and caught me entirely off guard.

Best night ever )
Then this morning I woke up with my usual stomach issues. Extreme pain and nausea. Couldnt keep food down for a few hours not to mention the lack of sleep again. But again, Rick being the sweetheart he is, went around the corner and bought me crackers and a waterbottle. and 'lo and behold 4 hours later and all is good. I really felt bad, and i know he felt bad too cause we wanted to go to the mall today but at 11am my stomach was still in the shitter and i didnt want to risk myself gettign sick in public or my condition turning worse. Also found out im not the only one with stomach issues thankfully hahaha. I think hes getting me some cheesecake though <3.

I swear to god if hes leading me on and I get hurt in the end. Im through with guys. I'll stay single forever.

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Yay Hangovers :3

Last night was eventful, my one roommate who is suspended from campus and is (thankfully) moving out stopped in to pick up the rest of her shit. However, she threw out all of my food in the fridge. ALL OF IT. as well as drink some of my wine. I don't care what her excuse is, that food in there was two days old, hell, the milk was still sealed up. What the fuck was she thinking when she grabbed it and chucked it? What the fuck have I done to you to deserve something like that? Fucking psycho bitch.

After all that shit she's staying the weekend which makes me want to GTFO as fast and as soon as possible. Last night after the fridge fiasco, i visited my cousin and her boyfriend and drank an entire bottle of the cheapest vodka ever to myself. Im amazed im still alive. :3! Played with thier new pet gecko named Rusty. Its so fucking cuuuuuuteeeee <333 that thing though, can fucking jump, holy shit.

Then this morning I got invited over to Rick;s place to chill out and get away from the psycho roommate, which i hope leaves by monday morning for Dani gonna rage. Bringing the rum cause its WoE tonight. And everyone knows i WoE better when im under the influence <3! This IMO was perfect timing on his part, otherwise i was gonna be forced to go to my cousin-in-law's baby shower and be ridiculed by my family for hours on end. Plus, I dont do those girly thingies. not my style. I love Jenn to death like a sister, but she and i both know it will turn in to a chaotic shitstorm if i show my face at the restaurant.

This is gonna be a weekend shit show.

[4:01 AM]

Best. night. ever. <3!!