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~_~ I should be studying for this Spanish exam tomorrow morning... But fuck that.
Instead I've been talking on vent for the last two hours about how some guildmates of mine chill out and LAN once in a while and get ridiculously drunk in the process. However now all 5 of em wanna chill next weekend for War of Emperium (WoE) and troll on Ragnarok.

Animosity party in Dani's apartment? Lol my roommates are gonna fucking hate me for this. Thankfully afaik only two have been confirmed to stay over, Hrishi and Steve, though Matt Rick and Rachel are still up in the air. If they all show up its going to be a total shitstorm. Can't fucking wait.

Also, finally started FF13-2. Hope its better than 13. /crosses fingers. And I'm officially broke again. Q_Q
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Wake up still baked
Played and finished FF13 last night
Got my ass kicked in Aerobics and Pilates
Getting drunk before 5 pm.

Its gonna be a supa kawaii day <3!

[6:20 pm]

This isnt gonna be a supa kawaii day Q_Q
Dani ran out of the Mary Jane
Dani drank all her wine
Dani wants to cuddle ;___;
Dani is having repressed memories come rushing back

That is why I dont drink as much as i used to.
That is also why I quit smoking cigs, besides it being unattractive.
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Recently I picked up Final Fantasy XIII-2, sadly I havent even touched it yet. Reason? Trying to speed through its predecessor, FFXIII. However, this speed run, is turning into a granny walk. I'm such a procrastinator. I just hit chapter 11 and I just cant bring myself to finish it, the linear game play kills me. At least FFX was linear but had a good story and kept you engaged with side quests and other little missions that popped up through out the game, this is just a travesty... explains why I havent touched it since I beat it a few years ago...

Must. Get. Through. This. D:!!!

Other news, recently been rewatching Furuba <3 as currently trying to stream the new episodes of Persona 4, Hunter x Hunter, and Mirai Nikki. Ramapo internet, Y U SO SLOW?! Q_Q Guess I'll wait until after class to catch up on them.

Still debating on selling old manga and things that I dont read/need anymore. Hmmm...


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