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Well my weekend was very eventful. Had my friend Steve and his friend Matt visit me for the weekend for the ultimate shit show. We drank and smoked and play ragnarok online all day or searched funny silly shit on google as well as troll the internet baddies that think they are the shit.

We went through, a bottle of jack, a bottle of tequilla, a bottle of bacardi rum, half a bottle of everclear, a giant bottle of wine and a bag of vodka gummy bears. Yea, we were all sorts of fucked up at one point or another. Also learned my mom is the biggest troll i know.

Anyway, somehow some way i was able to roll out of bed this morning and go to my spanish class. got a B on my exam from two weeks ago which makes me very overjoyed. Now all i got to do is wait for my dealer to tell me when to pick up.

Also the new Hunter x Hunter episode, cant wait for the next one :3 Just waiting on god damn mirai nikki x.x!!!! I will be stalking websites until the subbed version is released D:!
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Finally caught up on my anime, a little pissed high school dxd and hunterxhunter didnt release anything this week =[

Persona 4: Full of lulz, kind of a filler again since its obtaining more social links, but theres only what, 5 epsiodes left D: im a little worried as to how they are gonna end it in a short amount of time. This makes me want to play the game all over again...

Mirai Nikki: Holy balls, just... holy balls... shit hit the fan. i want the next episode like nao Q_Q I would read the manga, but i dont want to ruin it for myself.

Anyway, Mass Effect 3, looks fucking awesome, the trailer and the demo gameplay make me want the game even more. However, im trying to save up for tales of graces f before anything. Tales > ME3 :3!

Also, is it wrong to be completely fucked up by 10 am on your day off? and at 11:44 i want sonic take out so fucking bad. Too bad there isnt one close by, it makes me a sad pandaaaaaaaa Q_Q
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Recently I picked up Final Fantasy XIII-2, sadly I havent even touched it yet. Reason? Trying to speed through its predecessor, FFXIII. However, this speed run, is turning into a granny walk. I'm such a procrastinator. I just hit chapter 11 and I just cant bring myself to finish it, the linear game play kills me. At least FFX was linear but had a good story and kept you engaged with side quests and other little missions that popped up through out the game, this is just a travesty... explains why I havent touched it since I beat it a few years ago...

Must. Get. Through. This. D:!!!

Other news, recently been rewatching Furuba <3 as currently trying to stream the new episodes of Persona 4, Hunter x Hunter, and Mirai Nikki. Ramapo internet, Y U SO SLOW?! Q_Q Guess I'll wait until after class to catch up on them.

Still debating on selling old manga and things that I dont read/need anymore. Hmmm...


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