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So my night last night was very eventful, and caught me entirely off guard.

Well WoE was a bust sadly, Login server kept getting DDoS'd and other issues started to arise. Not long after Rick got home from work I said fuck it, cause its a waste of my time and effort and quite frankly I was that poor soul who had trouble logging back in after getting DC'd repeatedly. So just as all hope seemed lost, we get a phone call to go to a party.

Granted, I knew absolutely no one there, And based on my night of drinking on friday night my stomach was not up for the task, nor was my body. My latest Insomnia bout ended the day previous and yea. Im a shy person at first but once i get the feel for the situation and the people there i tend to adapt pretty well. Though i didnt play any drinking games >.> liquor before beer doesnt really mix, not to mention my terrible eating habit of one meal a day, if at all D: so yea doomed. I was responsible though my exhaustion mixed with rum and weed made me quite loopy as we walked back across phily at 3 am.

That was fun though :3 i dont know if he actually meant to do that or something but i noticed at the party he kept putting his hat on my head, that and he mentioned it goes with my red hair. needless to say the drunk boys there didnt fuck with me afterwards, i also met someone from my local 732 area there as well and we chatted for a good portion of the evening. Anyway after having a cigarette, (yes i quit, i dont own a pack of my own and when i drink i have a tendency to want a cig so sue me) we decided to bail since we were both unbelievable exhausted. We had such a nice conversation too, about music mainly, where he learned to sing what instruments did he play, our terrible jobs, why im so shy and awkward rofl. He seriously is the male version of myself, my cousin even approves of him and shes only met him once! I was seriously like welp, lets see what happens. Mind you, he also likes my i dont really give a fuck attitude, i just go with the flow <3. but he kept wanting to hold my hand and putting his arm around my waist and making sure i wasn togin gto be hit by on coming traffic, im daniderp for a reason >.>
Then this morning I woke up with my usual stomach issues. Extreme pain and nausea. Couldnt keep food down for a few hours not to mention the lack of sleep again. But again, Rick being the sweetheart he is, went around the corner and bought me crackers and a waterbottle. and 'lo and behold 4 hours later and all is good. I really felt bad, and i know he felt bad too cause we wanted to go to the mall today but at 11am my stomach was still in the shitter and i didnt want to risk myself gettign sick in public or my condition turning worse. Also found out im not the only one with stomach issues thankfully hahaha. I think hes getting me some cheesecake though <3.

I swear to god if hes leading me on and I get hurt in the end. Im through with guys. I'll stay single forever.


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