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Yay Hangovers :3

Last night was eventful, my one roommate who is suspended from campus and is (thankfully) moving out stopped in to pick up the rest of her shit. However, she threw out all of my food in the fridge. ALL OF IT. as well as drink some of my wine. I don't care what her excuse is, that food in there was two days old, hell, the milk was still sealed up. What the fuck was she thinking when she grabbed it and chucked it? What the fuck have I done to you to deserve something like that? Fucking psycho bitch.

After all that shit she's staying the weekend which makes me want to GTFO as fast and as soon as possible. Last night after the fridge fiasco, i visited my cousin and her boyfriend and drank an entire bottle of the cheapest vodka ever to myself. Im amazed im still alive. :3! Played with thier new pet gecko named Rusty. Its so fucking cuuuuuuteeeee <333 that thing though, can fucking jump, holy shit.

Then this morning I got invited over to Rick;s place to chill out and get away from the psycho roommate, which i hope leaves by monday morning for Dani gonna rage. Bringing the rum cause its WoE tonight. And everyone knows i WoE better when im under the influence <3! This IMO was perfect timing on his part, otherwise i was gonna be forced to go to my cousin-in-law's baby shower and be ridiculed by my family for hours on end. Plus, I dont do those girly thingies. not my style. I love Jenn to death like a sister, but she and i both know it will turn in to a chaotic shitstorm if i show my face at the restaurant.

This is gonna be a weekend shit show.

[4:01 AM]

Best. night. ever. <3!!
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